8 Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

***For more fun gift wrapping tips, watch the video HERE!

When I was in the 9th grade, I worked at a store that sold gift items. One of the first things the owner made me do was wrap empty boxes with old wrapping paper. It was important to her that we wrapped each gift item with care and professionalism and she wouldn’t allow me to do it for a customer until she deemed my wrapping skills worthy. I can’t tell you how many empty boxes I wrapped before I got the hang of it, or how many times I accidentally cut the ribbon off trying to get the perfect ribbon curl with the edge of a pair of scissors, but eventually I was given the go ahead to wrap for customers. Back then, to my ninth grade self, it was a drudgery. But now, I’m thankful for all of those empty boxes I wrapped so that I could learn a skill that I probably otherwise wouldn’t have mastered. And it may be one of the reasons that I like a pretty package.

When it come to Christmas gift wrapping, I use it as an artful expression of love to the receiver of the gift, an extension of Christmas decor, the “icing on the cake” when it comes to pulling it all together. It’s so much fun to come up with pretty packages to go along with that year’s Christmas decor. So, today, I’m sharing 8 gift wrapping tips that will help you with your own packages.

1. Use brown craft paper as a neutral backdrop for a variety of styles.

 The craft paper I used actually came from the Dollar Tree for only $1 per roll! And it is thick paper, too. I love to keep this on hand because it’s so easy to use it for a variety of color palettes and styles. 

2. Keep it Neutral.

Using the craft paper, I dressed it up while staying neutral by using shiny satin ribbon, some pine cones and fresh greens. This elegant pairing screams Christmas, but for you neutral lovers, will keep things light and airy.

3. Adorn packages with fresh greenery.

Fresh greenery is an easy way to take your wrapping game to the next level. And most of us have some type of greenery in our own yard that we can cut and use. I like to use rosemary sprigs, evergreens such cedar or arborvitae, a magnolia leaf, or even pine. 

4. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

Mixing patterns can be a way to bring visual interest and texture into your gift wrapping. Try mixing a solid and a stripe or polka dot, buffalo check and herringbone like I did below. Try mixing plaids and geometric shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

5. Use an ornament as a gift tag.

I love doing this. It gives the package more visual interest and it is something that your loved one gets to keep. Inexpensive ornaments can be found at dollar stores, or even places like Dirt Cheap. Or, like I do each year, buy some after the season at a discount. 

6. Let your wrapping be an extension of your Christmas decor.

I’ve already touched on this, but I do this each year and it really does help pull everything together nicely. Whatever them my trees are is what dictates the gift wrapping. It is an extension of your decor that can definitely take things up a notch. 

7. Instead of tags, use stickers or decals for names.

I love doing this and have the past couple of years. It’s just a fun way to address the package. 

8. To save money, shop after Christmas sales to buy gift wrap 50% off or more!

I can’t emphasize this enough. If you want to save money, buy after the season is over for the next year. In year’s past, I’ve been able to buy gift wrap for pennies on the dollar waiting after Christmas and stocking up for the next year. Starting the day after Christmas, these items will be half off and the discounts will increase as more time goes by.

I hope this helps! And I’d love to see your pretty packages. If you post on social media be sure to tag me! 

Also, you can see more tips in THIS video. 

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