A Day in the Life

Since I get so many questions about what exactly I eat in a day and my exercising routine, I thought I’d share what that looks like. This day was pretty busy, but it’ll give you an idea of how things go as a blogger, wife, and mom. I will give running totals of carb count and water intake throughout the day in this post.

4:30am wake and get dressed. Drink 8 ounces water.

Let me just start by saying that I am not a natural morning person. By nature, I have always been a night owl. Always. Toward the end of last school year, however, I read a book called The Miracle Morning  by Hal Elrod and it recommended starting your day earlier for increased productivity, among other things. I began dragging myself out of the bed at 5:30am then and it was pretty difficult for me. But, I began to see the merit in waking early, having my quiet time and setting my schedule for the day before my kids were up and the craziness of getting ready for school started. 

4:43am meet Ashton and walk 3 miles then drink 8 more ounces water. (Total water intake-16oz.)

Since school started this year, my sweet neighbor and friend, Ashton, and I have been waking at 4:30am to walk together at 4:45am. We thought it’d be a good way to get our exercise out of the way and start our day right. We shoot for walking four weekday mornings, but sometimes we may only get in two or three days. I usually can only coherently respond in one word sentences at first, but Ashton is a great conversationalist and once we get walking for a couple of minutes, I might can string together a paragraph or two. 


5:47am Start first load of laundry and make my protein coffee. (Total carbs 1 gram)

I LOVE my protein coffee first thing in the morning! I had the Inspire Caramel Latte protein powder in my coffee. It has 20 grams of protein, 95 calories, and only 1 carb. It is absolutely delicious….like a frothy latte. And, it holds me over until mid-morning. 

5:56am Quiet time/reading while drinking protein coffee.

Before the rush of getting the kids up and ready for school, I like to have my quiet time while drinking my protein coffee. I’ve been reading back through Psalms the last month or so. Also, I started reading Everybody Always by Bob Goff. He says, “Simply put, we can stop waiting for a plan and just go love everybody. There’s no school to learn how to love your neighbor, just the house next door. No one expects us to love them flawlessly, but we can love them fearlessly, furiously, and unreasonably.” (He’s talking about our mandate that Jesus gave us to love others.)  Such a challenging and convicting book. Like Bob Goff says in the book, “Love one another. What is simple often isn’t easy; what is easy often doesn’t last.”

 6:15am Wake kiddos for school

6:31am checking in on CCWLC, checking email, helping kiddos get ready for school

On Ocotber 1st, I launched the Cultivate Create Weight Loss Community. It is a monthly paid membership group where we learn how to lead a low carb lifestyle with weekly meal plans, mindset training, daily motivation, and accontability. Enrollment for the month of October is closed, but will reopen later for the month of November. If you missed out this month, but would like more information for next month, join my newsletter (at the very bottom of the page) to be notified when enrollment re-opens. It’s been a really great first week! 


7:21 am Off to school

7:36am Finishing touches and editing Tuesday’s blog post. Started 2nd load laundry. Drank 17oz. water. (Total water intake 33 oz.)

Creating content for a blog is very time-consuming. It requires actually executing a project, taking photographs, editing photographs, then creating and writing the post. As you’ll see in the next photo, it also requires posting on social media once the post is live. 


8:25am Blog post live and shared on social media….Fb, Intagram feed and stores, Pinterest 

8:43 am. 2nd cup of coffee…this time bulletproof coffee and took vitamins

If you haven’t tried bulletproof coffee (2 carbs), then you should! (if you’re eating keto/low carb). I brew 10 ounces of coffee, with 1 teaspoon of grass fed butter, 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil, one scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides , and, in this case, sugar-free Pumpkin Spice creamer. It is so delicious and adds back in some healthy fats to your diet! A lot of people will add 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter/coconut oil/mct oil, but to me, that is entirely too oily.  (Total carbs so far: 3 grams)

My vitamin regimen took a while for me to perfect. Most vitamins make me really queasy, so these are the ones that do not make me feel bad. It’s very important to take your vitamins, especially if you’ve had weight loss surgery. I take the Journey  multivitamin, Journey Hair Balance, Sub-lingual B-12, and Maca Root for hormone balance. 

8:56am working on next blog post while finishing coffee.



9:15am Loading up hay/pumpkins for neighborhood entrance fall display.

9:50am Finished with fall display. 

I volunteer to do our neighborhood entrance display and we have a neighborhood fund that covers the cost. I enjoy doing it because I truly believe that wherever we live, we should do what we can to make it better for those around us. I’m going to go a little deep here, but I’m passionate about making a difference in my community and doing that using the gifts God has given me. You don’t have to do this very thing to make a difference where you are, but just use your unique gifts to make your neighborhood and community better!

9:58am Photograph tree for Southern Holiday Life magazine article, then do 100 squats (30 regular, 40 pulse squats, 30 narrow squats) while listening to Green Pastures (totally digging this song right now). Drank 17 oz water. Made 2 more corn stalk bundles, moved pots at front door. (Total water intake 50oz.)

10:23 Finished up what I had time to do on my fall display at front door and started 3rd load of laundry.


10:43am First snack of the day: 2 Ham Roll Ups. Land O’Frost Black Forest Ham (4 slices which is a serving), Great Value Meunster cheese  (2 slices), and 2 Mt. Olive Baby Dills. Total Carbs: 3. Then, got ready for Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting. While getting ready, I listened to the Business Boutique  podcast. I ike to listen to podcasts while I’m cleaning, driving exercising, or getting ready. I feel like it helps me do double duty by feeding my mind and soul while doing other things. Multi-tasking at its best. (Total carbs for the day so far: 6 grams)

11:44am Heading to Chamber of Commerce Board meeting.

In July  of this year, I was added to the Board of Directors for our local Chamber of Commerce. I took the Low Carb Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake with me for everyone to enjoy at the meeting. I even got to enjoy a slice. I need to mention that the recipe makes a rather large cheesecake. You can get around 18 slices of cheesecake from it. When I left the meeting, I had only about 2 slices left. I think the recipe was approved! (Total carb count the the day after cheesecake: 12 grams)


1:28pm Leaving Chamber meeting.

Drank 17 more ounces of water. (Total water intake so far: 67oz.)

1:59pm editing photos for Southern Holiday Life Magazine article. 

I’ve been a contributor for Southern Holiday Life for four years. Usually, the Christmas articles are due in October, so it makes it interesting around here for a few days with Christmas decor up while fall decor is up as well. 

2:50pm Leave to pick up kids from school. Eat 1 ham roll up.  (Carb total 13.5 grams)

3pm-5pm: Run home from school, grab snack, and have Ashlyn at piano practice by 3:30. Drop Ash off, run by bank and grocery store and back home to start on supper. Pick Ash up from piano at 4pm, then back home to finish cooking supper, which was low carb Bacon Cheeseburger Soup. Head to soccer game. Drank 17oz water. (water intake total 84 oz.)


5:30pm soccer game.

It was close to 7pm before we got home from the game. Then we ate dinner, did our bedtime routine, and I was in bed by 9pm, exhauseted. (My dinner consisted of the soup and a small slice of cheesecake. 

Total carb count for the day after dinner:  25 grams. Total water intake for the day at bedtime:118 ounces. Total exercise was walking 3 miles and doing 100 squats. 

This was a pretty busy day, but you get the idea about eating, exercising, and water intake, all the running around that is just the life of a mom, being involved in the community, and running a home based business. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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