Decorative Storage Essentials From Amazon

I don’t know about you, but this time of year, I always get to urge to purge, organize, and get my house in order. It doesn’t help that I recently watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and now I want to tidy all the things! By the way, Marie Kondo is the most adorable, prim and proper, tiny little Japanese lady I’ve ever seen. She is so endearing and joyful. After watching just one episode of Tidying Up, I started going through my closet and dresser drawers, then started tackling stacks of photos I’d been putting off going through for forever. However, I’ve yet to “greet my house” or say thank you to objects I’m getting rid of as she suggests. Is that a Marie Kondo thing or a Japanese culture thing? I’m not sure. 

It got me to thinking about storage and organization options to get things in order that are both stylish and functional. And with the convenience of Amazon Prime (especially for those of us who find it difficult to find such options in our small towns), I thought it’d be the perfect round-up for us all. Here are some of beautiful options I found on Amazon! (This post contains affiliate links.)  *** Just click on the photo to view or shop!

Farmhouse-Style Wood & Metal Wire Organizer Caddy

I love this caddy! The combination of the wire body with wood sides is spot on! I love the chalkboard sides so you can label it. Perfect for art supplies, pantry goods, laundry supplies, or whatever you’d like!

Rustic Barn Door Wood End Table Wood Console

I fell in love with this console. The sliding barn door is adorable and I love the shelving inside. Great small piece that won’t take up too much room, is farmhouse cute, and is at a great price. I think sliding some baskets onto those shelves to help further organize would be beautiful, too. I could see this in a living room, craft room, entryway, or maybe even as a bedside table.

Distressed Barnwood Style Crate

The metal-wood combo on this crate is wonderful! I could see sitting some mason jars in this to corral art supplies or maybe even for a floral table centerpiece. So many options! 

Woven Hanging Wall Mounted Basket

This is the perfect size for magazines, books, or cookbooks! I love that it has brackets on the back that you can mount on the wall! How about two or three of these mounted vertically on a wall?

Wire Storage Basket

I have wire baskets very similar to this on the shelves of my entertainment center in my living room. I like them because while you can still see what’s inside for easy access, they help to keep things contained and organized in one spot. Love these! 

Galvanized Metal Hanging Wall Planter

While this is listed as a wall planter, I think it’d be great to use just in general as storage in a playroom, art room, office, or laundry room. I’d hang a set of three together for more visual impact and storage space. 

Square Canvas Toy Storage Bins

These are so adorable! I love this pattern and the cute handles, but they also have a few other pattern options for this canvas tote/bin.

Distressed Black Tray with Handles

This distressed black tray is absolutely gorgeous! And quite large! I love trays like this to go on coffee tables or dining tables, or to create a coffee station with. (More on that Thursday!)

Collapsible Storage Bins

The texture of these bins just spoke to me! And the gray/burlap color combo. Other color options are available as well! 

Natural Seagrass Belly Basket

These baskets are pretty popular for plants right now, but they are also great for toy or clutter  storage!

Black & Beige Seagrass Folding Baskete

Another great belly basket option. I like the color contrast on this one! 

Okay! That’s it for today! This was so much fun to round up for you guys! I hope it’s helpful for you as you clean out and organize! Don’t forfet that you can click on the photos above to view the actual product listing. I’ll see you back here Thursday for a blog post and Facebook live on how to Corral the Clutter! 

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