DIY Fringe Party Backdrop


Ya’ll, I love making DIY items for parties and gatherings. I love being able to use my hands to fashion something that is seemingly plain or ordinary into something with a little more pizzazz. And, I love making things special for guests! I made this fringe backdrop for a party and today, I’m showing you how to make one for your next gathering. It would be great to as a buffet backdrop, a photo booth, VBS decoration, proms. So many options! It looks complicated, but it is really simple, albeit slightly time consuming. It was worth every second! (And I  do apologize about the quality of these photos….they were taken with my old camera before I upgraded and in an area with not-so-great natural light. But I still wanted to share.)

 Gather your supplies:

*Plastic tablecloth
*About 8 to 10 small packages of Tissue Paper (Depending on the desired size, you may   need a little more or a little less).

Here’s How:


Start with an inexpensive plastic tablecloth and cut to size if needed.



Cut tissue paper in half (long way.)



Starting at the bottom row, tape tissue paper to the tablecloth. Double up tissue paper for a fuller, more dimensional look.


Once you have taped all your tissue paper in place, you are ready to start cutting the fringe.


Using scissors, cut one to two inch strips to make the fringe. (I have since found that Martha Stewart makes a fringe cutter and it can be found at Michael’s for $24.99. It might be worth the investment if you are going to be cutting a lot of fringe and will use it for more than this one project. You can see it HERE.)


Now, you are all ready to prepare for your gathering!


This is a very cost effective way to bring huge pizzazz to your next gathering! If you make one, be sure to post on my Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #cultivatecreatepretties

Have a creative day!




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